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Thanks to Aggi and her husband Jim for sending us these pictures.
British born and now living in Cyprus, my name is Aggi Koumas Dulson
Although I have lived here for the past 8 years, my inspiration and ambition still comes from my Homeland England. Here I learned my trade, using the basics, I built a solid foundation.
My competitive carrier started in Cyprus, where I met my husband Jim Dulson, in the Gym which we now own, Olympic Fitness.
Jim, 52 years old and 35 years of training, and myself, at 42 years old and 17 years of training, both still thrive and love to train. The sickness still runs thick in our veins.
Jim saw a potential in me, and with his vast 35 years of knowledge and experience, took me under his wing and streamlined my blocky physique and inspired me to win my 1st National Show in 1995.
1996 and 2000 Cyprus Open Grand Prix
2000 Mediterranean Championships
2003 Cyprus Open Grand Prix
We decided to venture on and try for the Women's World Championships in Spain. The standard was high, but for a 1st time effort at 64Kgs as an unknown, I held my own and was noticed.
As both Jim and my roots lay in England, our ambitions are to compete for the British Championships.
With this in mind, I am now in preparation -- lots of hard training and hard eating aiming to reach a higher competition weight.
I'm a firm believer of hitting hard and heavy. I like to feel the weight when I can. In the off season, my routine goes something like this: 2 days on/1 off - rotating over 9 days. Morning - small body part, Afternoon - larger body part.
Day 1 - Biceps, Chest
Day 2 - Triceps, Back
Day 3 - Off, Cardio, Abs, Calves
Day 4 - Shoulder, Legs
Day 5 - Biceps, Chest
Day 6 - Off, Cardio, Abs, Calves
Day 7 - Triceps, Back
Day 8 - Shoulders, Legs
Examples of poundages used:
Dumbbell presses - 45-50Kg
Dumbbell flyes - 40Kg
Shoulder presses - 35Kg
Dumbbell rows/pullovers - 50-55Kg
Dumbbell Curls - 26-28Kg
Squats/Dead lifts - 180Kg
During pre-contest time I continue to train as heavy as I can. I don't believe in dropping the weight used very often, as this helps you stay full and achieve a better condition. Inevitably during the final stages my weights decrease.
I still train in 2 sessions a day but switch over to Monday through to Saturday. Increasing cardio 60 minutes, with 2 sessions during the last 3-4 weeks.
In the off season, my diet is a combination of high protein and high carbs. My meals consist of chicken, steak, rice, and potatoes, and are broken down into 5-6 meals daily, including an extra 4-5 protien gainer drinks daily.
Pre-contest diet is streamlined to consist of high protein and slowly decreasing carbs, and are broken down into 4-5 meals, as well as switching to a whey protein (approx 4-5 drinks). Getting through the evening is the hardest. I've found a way to deal with it by making ice cream, freezing condensed protien in cartons - to die for.
Both Jim and I are looking forward to coming to England and meeting up with old friends. Special thanks to Kimberly Ann Jones for her support, inspiration and friendship.
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