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TK's Femuscle first went online in September 2000. Since then, this site has grown tremendously and we hope to continue growing for many years to come.
Why are we here? A question easier asked than answered. TK's Femuscle strives to showcase the beauty of the muscular and athletic female physique -- A Collection of HARD Beauty. We provide coverage of various bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions as well as other related events. TK's Femuscle is also a forum for women to show the world the results of their hard work and to show that determiniation, passion and the desire to be the best pays off.
TK's Femuscle is based out of Columbus, Ohio. We primarily cover events in and around the Ohio area. We're also always on the lookout for new and upcoming talent to feature. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on TK's Femuscle, please email us for more information. All levels of experience and muscularity are welcome.
TK's Femuscle is also a proud contributor to the FemFlex family of sites, often doing shoots for FemFlex.
We welcome emails & inquiries from visitors and hope you enjoy your time at TK's Femuscle.

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