Klaudia Larson

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NAME: Klaudia Larson
LIVE IN: Sweden
BORN: December 26, 1971
INTERESTS/HOBBIES BESIDES BODYDUILDING: I Love animals! Now I have 2 cats of my own. Both are Cornish Rex. I also love cars. Sportscars with lots of horsepower! And I absolutely adore the summer and the sun!! I very much love to travel whenever I can afford it!!
Biceps - 40cm (15.5")
Calves - 40cm (15.5")
HEIGHT: 162cm (5'4")
WEIGHT: 70-72kg (154-158 lbs.) offseason, 58-60kg (128-132 lbs.) competition.
1997 Luciapokalen, Gothenburg, Sweden - 1st Place
1999 Qualify to European Championships, Stockholm - 2nd Place
1999 Nordic Championship, Lahti, Finland - 1st Place and Overall
1999 Prague Cup, Prague, Check Republic - 1st Place, open weight class
1999 World Women Championship, Sydney, Australia - 8th Place
1999 Swedish Nationals, Stockholm, Sweden - 2nd Place
1999 Oppava Grand Prix, Oppava, Check Republic - 3rd Place, open weight class
2001 Swedish Nationals, Stockholm, Sweden - 1st Place
2002 Swedish Nationals, Stockholm, Sweden - 3rd Place
2004 Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix, Vasteras, Sweden - 1st Place, Open Weight Class, I Got My IFBB PRO CARD!!!
I was born in 1971 in a small town in Sweden, called Falun, about 230 km north of Stockholm. Over the years I have moved around a bit, but now I'm back in my hometown again. I grew up in the country with my family, then consisting of my mother, father, two older sisters and a lot of animals (horses, cats, rabbits, etc.) I started horseback riding when I was 5 years old, and kept on doing that for more than 20 years. Back in school I never liked any of the sports/gymnastic activities that where included there. For some reason, I have always found muscles attractive in both men and women. For a long time I wanted to go to a gym but I was afraid to go there. I thought everyone would stare at me or laugh since I didn't know anything about weight training. Finally a male friend of mine took me along to the gym and showed me around, taught me some exercises and from that day on I was hooked! I had found my passion in life! At first I had no intentions what so ever to compete. But after a few years of hard work at the gym people started asking me if I was going to compete. I just thought they where crazy! Compete! Me!? No way!! But I got the same question over and over and finally this idea that I would actually give it a try started spinning in my head.
1997 I attended my first competition - Luciapokalen in Gothenburg. I won! And because of that I really didn't have much choice than to continue competing. =) I took a year off and came back in 1999. That was a very intense year for me - 6 competitions in one year! My next goal is to make my Pro Debut in September this year (2005). I plan to enter the IFBB Europa Supershow in Texas. I know it will be tough for me to get there, especially financially. As a Pro Bodybuilder I don't make any money, just for being that.. Not even at competitions there are any prize money to mention. I have chosen to keep my website free. Instead I have arranged a possibility for those who wish to support me in my efforts, to donate money to me. I wish that this will generate some help. The money goes to contest preparations and travel expenses!! I plead to my most faithful fans to help me out. I will be forever grateful and also I'll try to give something in return!! (signed photos, extra photos send by e-mail or CD with pictures... Let me know your wish!)
For all of you who would like to see more of me, you are most welcome to visit my website: www.klaudialarson.com
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