Linda Fredette

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Linda Fredette
Determined, hard working, focused but most of all fun. These are the words that people who know me use to describe me. I came from a single parent home of 7 children. My determination and hard working side was inherited from my mother. This woman raised us all while studying to get her high school diploma and then go to college. She graduated, with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. She kept all 7 of us fed, clothed and sheltered while living on peanuts for cash flow, studying day and night. Some how she managed to still show us how important we were to her and how much she loved us. Remarkable.
How can I not be hardworking and focused. I wanted to be like mom. She always told us that the most important thing in life is to love what you do and have fun. Well I always listen to mom. Times were not always easy but my mother always held her head up high and reminded us to always be proud. As long as you give it your best shot, it does not matter what happens - do your best, analyze afterwards and fix the mistakes you have made and move on.
I have applied these words to my life and competition training and by God, she was right. I am very happy in life. I achieved to finish my University (Facilitation), and became a Sports Conditioning Trainer, and Ballroom, Latin & Modern dancer. I achieved a pro status with the WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) - taking the overall. I have a husband and son who love me. What more could I ask out of life. I want to help everyone I touch understand that their life is in their hands and it is up to them to live it to the fullest.
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