Melissa Johnson

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Thanks to Melissa for sending us these pictures.
My name is Melissa Johnson. I recently took second place in the John Simmons Classic in Michigan, third place at the Ohio State Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Classic and second place in the Natural Northern USA in Cleveland in the figure tall division. These were my first and only shows so far. I plan to compete at the national shows coming up in 2005. I've been working out for the past couple years. I have three children, all boys, ages 11, 10 and 8. I spent my time cooking, cleaning and taking care of everyone else but me.
I went back to college four years ago and became a nurse, where I graduated at the top of my class, but still wasn't happy, though. Then my husband took me to the Arnold Classic. When I saw those girls up on that stage, I wanted to be up there so bad, so I went to work. I was driven everyday by that image in my mind of me on that stage. I never dreamed I would do so well starting out. My recent successes has just driven me even more. My next goal is to go pro. I think anything is possibe -- it's just who wants it the most. It's funny because women are always saying to me, "You only look that way because you've never had any kids." Then I have to break to them that I've had three C sections, which never goes over very well.
I didn't always look like this, though. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. I also believe in a high protein and high fiber diet. I'm working on a personal trainer certification now. I hope to help other women achieve what I have, or just help them feel sexy again. Life is not over after marrige and children, and I definately know that now.
I'm 5'7", my competition weight is between 120 and 125 lbs. Off season I'm between 135 and 140.
My diet consists of good old fashioned oatmeal, chicken breasts, brown rice, protein shakes, protein bars and a lot of water. I also drink Metamucil throughout the day to get enough fiber. I take multivitamins and a good thermogenic when I'm trying to get those last few pounds off for a show.
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