Natalie Barnett

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Thanks to Natalie for sending us her pictures.
"I started out in High School, running Track and Cross Country. I ran the 1600m, the 3200m and the 100m hurdles. This was an odd combination of events, but it worked for me. I then ran the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon for three years, and walked on the cross country team at University of Louisville for two years. While at U of L, I worked with excellent weight coaches. I put on 10 pounds of muscle while running 50 miles a week in one year. I became more interested in increasing my weights and shaping my body than shaving time off my P.R. I quit running for U of L and didn't work out much for a couple of years. I lost my naturally energetic nature and became unhappy with my body after gaining about 10 pounds of fat. I started working out again and went to watch my first bodybuilding contest. After that, I decided to lift heavy and learn more about training to be a bodybuilder. After a year of training, I entered my first contest. Now, I'm a certified personal trainer and a competitive bodybuilder. I still enjoy running for cardio, sometimes with one of my dogs.
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Off season- 135 lbs. / Contest- 115 lbs.
Chest: 36"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 35"
Contest History
2002 NPC Northwest Bodybuilding Championships - 2nd place (lightweight)
2002 NPC Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships - 1st place (lightweight)
Coming up
2003 NPC Natural Northern USA Bodybuilding Championships - October 4th
2003 NPC Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships - November 1st
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