Yvonne Simpkins

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Yvonne is 56 years old and lives in Sacramento, CA. She's 5'2" tall, weighs 112 lbs and has 13% bodyfat. Thanks to Vonnie for sending us her pictures.
"I have been lifting weights, heavy duty, for about a year now. I started at 24 Hour Fitness in Davis in October of 2001, right after I relocated back to the Sacramento area. Prior to that, I had lived on the Central Coast and had done some weight lifting but not to the extent I do now. I had never competed before I moved up to Sacramento. After being in a bad 30 year relationship with someone who mentally degraded me by telling me I was never good enough, this has been my greatest achievement.
"When I first started lifting, several of the trainers there asked me if I had ever considered competing as a bodybuilder and I said no. Then, the more I worked with my trainer and started increasing muscle mass, the more I thought about it. I decided life was too short and we should grab the opportunities when they are there. I agreed to do my first show in May of 2002 in Chico, CA. I was the oldest competitor and competed in the open class, placing 2nd in a group that consisted mainly of 20 and 30 year old women.
"Everyone I came in contact with after that told me what an inspiration I was to them, especially people my age. I had other bodybuilders come up and tell me the same thing. The greatest award of all is the encouragement and feedback I get from other people who tell me how I have had an impact on their lives.
"I did my 2nd show in Folsom, CA in August of 2002 year. Again, I was the oldest competitor in the show. I entered in my age group but there was no one to compete against so I competed in the Masters Class made up of women who have all been doing this for years. I was the only rookie. I placed 5th and was happy with that. After the morning show, a photographer from Women's Physique World Magazine did a photo shoot for the magazine.
"I continued to receive encouragement and feedback from other bodybuilders and judges who told me I should keep doing this, that I was a natural and was so inspiring to people. I hear that from people I work with and work out with. Many times I'll be out in public and someone will ask me if I lift weights. When I tell them what I do they are shocked and pleased.
"I have a new trainer, a professional bodybuilder, who has stepped up my workout. He is helping me put on more mass and also puts together the posing routine. I'm still at 24 Hour Fitness, but it's a different facility in Sacramento. I'm on a 2 day on, 1 day off routine, with cardio 3-4 times a week. I have the ability to stay pretty lean between shows, so it does not take much to get me contest ready.
"I told my trainer, Brad, that the next time I step foot on stage, which may be in March 2003, I plan on walking off with the 1st place trophy. This is a strong motivator for me when I workout. I have always been athletic, running, hiking, bike riding, anything outdoors, but I have definitely found my niche with bodybuilding. I love it and plan to keep on doing it as long as I can. I've been told if I stay with this I could be competing on a National level before too long. I would love that. That is a goal of mine!"
Vonnie Simpkins
9189 Dongston Way - #3
Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: (916) 368-2347
Cell: (530) 906-4231
Work: (916) 734-6541
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